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Drilling & Polishing Rotary Tool Kit

Drilling & Polishing Rotary Tool Kit


Kit includes:

> Aimoshi Rotary Hand Tool - Chinese-made / 240 volt with Slimline 'pen' design & variable speed options (7,000 - 15,000 RPM) + on/off feature
> Adaptor plug
> 5 x collets (varying sizes to utilise a variety of shank size attachments)
> Acrylic shield accessory (to safely deflect debris when cutting/grinding etc)
> 5 x assorted shank steel drill bits
> Assorted accessories (as pictured) including mounted pre & final polishing mops & wheels - including our new range of ORO's bristle wheels for limiting heat buildup + 5 grades of scotchbrite for various degrees of matte finishing - mounted stone abrasives,
& 2 x Dialux pre/final polishing compounds in a recycled bur box