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Major Equipment & Accessories - Brushless Micromotor - BLUE Model

Brushless Micromotor - BLUE model


*Changing the product variant may update the price

BRUSHLESS Micromotor - BLUE (Unbranded)

Bench-top control unit, hand-piece & foot control pedal

- Compact design with low noise & vibration
- Brushless motor (no carbon brushes required)
- Digital speed dialing & setting system : 0 - 30,000 RPM 
- Forward or reverse driving direction   
- Quick mounting/releasing of burs via twisting of STATIONARY hand-piece
- Takes bur attachments with 2.35mm diam shaft

*Set direction of rotation and pedal or bench control EACH TIME unit's switched on
*Select CLOCKWISE for faster applications e.g DRILLING holes

160 x 120 x 75mm
240V, 60Hz

Made in China