W&W Per-Cast Vacuum Casting Machine with Bell Jar

SKU 0133

For Use with Perforated or Regular Flasks

This unit is a superior value in bench top vacuum- assist investing / casting machines.

The vacuum chamber will accommodate perforated flasks up to 5" x 7" in size, and adapter rings allow smaller,  3-3/8"  & 4" perforated flasks to be used.

Complete accessories are provided, including all adapter rings and gaskets, rubber pads for investing and casting, handled crucible, bell jar, perforated flask and sprue base, flask sleeve, tongs and vacuum  pump oil.

Use of vacuum chamber and perforated flasks  allows the vacuum to be pulled through the walls as well as the bottom, assuring a complete fill and denser castings.

Specifications : Dimension : 67 x 36 x 35 cm
  Investment Table : 27 x 27 cm
  Casting Table :  Ø13.5 x 18.5 cm
  Vacuum Pump : 65 liter / min

Motor Horse Power :

1/4 Hp

1720 rpm 110V / 60 Hz
1420 rpm 220V / 50 Hz

Accessories Included :    
  No.0490 Bell Jar 9" x 81/2" No.0155 Crucible & Handle
  No.0225 Perforated Flask 3-3/8" No.0130-042 Vacuum Pump Oil 500ml
  No.0225-001 Flask Sleeve 3-3/8" No.0163  Perforated Flask Tongs
  No.0264  Sprur Base 3-3/8"
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