Rolling Mill with Reduction Gear - 70 mm COMBINATION / FLAT & WIRE - JOY - Made in Spain

SKU T-70

This combination rolling mill is a single crank handle bench top rolling mill with a pressure reduction gear of 1:4 ratio. The pinions, shafts and all other steel mechanisms of this machine are made from high quality steel.The rollers are made from induction case hardened steel. The core of the roller has been left untempered, so that they will withstand extremely high stresses with out the risk of breakage.

Made in Spain

Roller  - 70 mm - total length

Roller Flat - 45mm

Wire - 3.4mm, 2.6mm, 1.7mm ,1.0mm

Roller Diameter - 44mm

Roller Aperture - 5mm

Dimension of unit - 240mm x 220mm x 375mm

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