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W&W Dedicated Jewellers Workbench - Classic Full-sized

W&W Dedicated Jewellers Workbench - Classic Full-sized


Available for PICK UP or COURIER ONLY

This exclusive solid pine workbench is designed and produced in Taiwan, and has been sold worldwide over twenty years, and it can best meet all the needs from every jeweller.  Furthermore, it has been upgraded to pinewood since 2017, giving it a fantastic look and an excellent texture.  



  • Spacious area for filing and grinding (65mm)
  • With Insert-holes to support mandrels
  • Left and right armrests provide steady support and precision while polishing and filing.
  • Thickened desktop (30mm); Sturdy, solid and waterproof
  • Railings on three sides keep workpieces from falling off and damaging.
  • Three easy-to-pull drawers with spacious storage space
  • Hard solid wood desktop and desk legs make the whole set more sturdy and beautiful.
  • Gold dust recycle drawer with aluminum bottom for easy removal
  • Concaved design, most convenient for planishing and filing
  • Tool organizer for hammer and plier storage


Specifications :


Desktop thickness (approx.): 3cm
Desk dimensions (approx.): 97x48x100cm (L*W*H)
Drawer dimensions (small)(approx.): 25x41x6.5cm (L*W*H)
Drawer dimensions (big)(approx.): 25x41x7cm (L*W*H)
Gold dust recycle drawer dimensions (approx.): 53x42.5x5.5cm (L*W*H)
Tool organizer dimensions (approx.): 53x31x10cm (L*W*H))