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Delft Style Sand CASTING KIT #4

Delft Style Sand CASTING KIT #4


Koodak's Delft style casting clay is a refined form of petrobond sand that produces superior one-off castings. It’s much finer than ordinary casting sand, providing sharp & detailed castings in non-ferrous metals (gold, silver, copper) as well as low-temp/white metals (e.g. pewter).

As a cold-moulding process, mould impressions can be made from harder materials such as wood, plastic, & metal objects to then directly cast from. The smoothness of the clay imparts little in the way of coarse surface marks or seams to remove when finishing the cast piece! 

*Any unburnt clay can be reused making it a cost-effective casting option too. 
NOTE: Delft style casting is not suitable for castings that have detailed undercuts.


Includes 1 sets of interlocking aluminium casting moulds (100mm diameter), 1 x petrobond clay (2kg), 1 x 3" Crucible & Handle Set & printed instructions. 

This item is sold as a set at a special discounted price (no further discounts available) & is sold as listed / no substitutions permitted.