Prometheus PRO-1T Kiln with Timer- Max. 1000 Degrees


Prometheus Kilns are designed to give you the best service for many years. 

PROMETHEUS Pro-1T, is a Multi-Functional Kiln for Hobbyists and Professionals as well. ENAMELLING; Firing SILVER and GOLD CLAY works, small articles of CERAMICS; GLASS-FUSING, GLASS BEADS and GLASS MOLDING; ANNEALING and HARDENING of SILVER, GOLD and OTHER METALS are some of the fields Pro-1T can serve you. 

The Prometheus Pro-1T has a timer ability that enables you to fire your objects for the specified time at the target temperature.

Prometheus Pro-1T comes with a very reliable digital controller. Pro-1T is very mean with it's electricity consumption, it consumes less than any simple hair dryer. Thanks to its light weight, you can take Pro-1T every where with you. 

Delivery within Australia only

Volts : 220 V
Amps : 3.2 A
Watts : 700 W
Temp. Control : Digital
Max. Temp : 1000 ºC
Outer Dimensions : Width: 22.5 cm x Depth: 22.0 cm x Height: 28.0 cm
Inner Dimensions : Width: 11.5 cm x Depth: 13.0 cm x Height: 7.0 cm
Weight : 5.7 Kg.
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