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Vitreous Enamels & Accessories - Liquid Metal
Vitreous Enamels & Accessories - Liquid Metal

Liquid Metal


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Liquid metals are very fine particles of gold, palladium or mother of pearl mixed with an organic medium.
They can be applied with a brush or crow quill pen for fine lines, or for bands, use a shader brush.
Application should be uniform and applied in one motion without repeating the application. The enamelled surface that the liquid metal is applied to should be smooth and free of grease, oil or dirt.
Once the liquid metal has been applied, it should dry on top of the furnace or under a heat lamp. Prior to firing, the organic material must be removed by heating the piece up in the mouth of the furnace for a few seconds, repeating this procedure until the organics begin to smoke and continue until they stop smoking.
Let the furnace reach its temperature to 760 degrees celcius and fire the piece for approx 1.5 minutes.


**If the liquid metals are fired too low, they will wipe off. If fired too high they will discolor