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Matt Wax Smooth Tablet Set A (Blue)

Matt Wax Smooth Tablet Set A (Blue)


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Matt Smooth Surface, Precision Wax Tablets provide jewellery designers and wax model makers with large, flat, incredibly smooth surfaces for designing jewelry directly onto carving wax.

These tablets save time and labor costs by eliminating the filing and surface preparation time that is required with standard wax slices.

The Smooth Tablet size is 6" by 2 5/8" (153mm by 68mm) and they are produced in five convenient thicknesses: 4.5mm, 6mm, 8mm, 10.5mm and 15mm.

Set A (Blue) contains:
3 x 4.5mm tablets
1 x 6mm tablet
1 x 8mm tablet
1 x 10.5mm tablet