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New Crafts: Enamelling

New Crafts: Enamelling


This book includes 25 beautiful projects that is shown step by step. The wonderful hues and textures of enamel celebrated in inspirational and practical designs, shown in over 300 photographs. Projects include a Fleur-de-lis Bookmark, a Door Plaque, Stargazer Earrings, Napkin Rings, a Night and Day Clock Face, a Cloisonne Bowl, a Flower Pendant and a Moon Bowl. This is a comprehensive guide, from getting started to achieving excellence, with everything you need to know about materials, equipment and techniques. It comes with pictures by the highly regarded craft, cooking and lifestyle photographer, Peter Williams. Enamel is a form of glass, and enamelling is the process of fusing it to metal using heat. The craft of enamelling has been practised for centuries, dating back to the Egyptians who used it as to imitate precious stones.