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WG Ball Wet Process Enamels - pre-mixed (Select Colours from Dropdown List)



Please note - these jars have dried out and must be re-hydrated before use

These are the same as the dry powder version and can be layered and mixed with them. 


Firing Range = 800*C

Prior to use, the enamel container should be thoroughly shaken to ensure the product is in complete suspension. If, over time, the enamel becomes too thick due to evaporation, the enamel can be thinned with water.
Once a layer of groundcoat (steel/copper) has been applied to the metal and fired, all other wet process enamels and normal jewellery enamels can be used.


  1. Degrease metal.
  2. Apply groundcoat (steel or copper), dry, fire.
  3. Dip, spray or brush on enamel, dry, fire. Repeat if desired.
    If spraying is used, efficient extraction must be used to remove spray vapour from the work area.

*Please Note: This item is unable to be shipped internationally

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