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W&W Dedicated Jewellers Workbench - 3/4 size

W&W Dedicated Jewellers Workbench - 3/4 size


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This inspiring, crafted, solid pinewood workbench has a fantastic look and an excellent texture. Although compact in size, it is complete with all the useful designs bigger workbenches have and all the needful functions jewelers require. 



  • 30mm thick heavy-duty wood top with railing.
  • Solid pinewood top and legs.
  • With a roomy big drawer.
  • Aluminum-bottom catch pan catches fillings for easy removal.
  • Two mandrel holes and a centered bench pin slot with bench pin.
  • Left and right pull-out armrests for comfortable and steady support.


Specifications :


Desktop thickness (approx.): 3cm
Desk dimensions (approx.): 80x42x100cm (L*W*H)
Drawer dimensions (approx.): 68x36x12cm (L*W*H)
Gold dust recycle drawer dimensions (approx.): 68x36x10cm