Discover Australia's most extensive collection of jewellery tools and supplies. From findings, gemstones, and chains to wax products and beginner kits, we've got everything you need. Proudly offering the nation's biggest selection of jewellery-making essentials. Shop now and craft with the best!

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    Griffin Natural Silk Beading Cord

    Price drop on all sizes and colours in the Griffin Silk Cord Range

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    Koodak proudly presents a full range of premium jeweller's files, catering to the needs of all jewellers and craftspeople. Our collection, designed for precision and excellence, includes specialised tools such as escapement, needle, and riffler files. Ideal for professionals seeking superior performance and durability, these files are indispensable for crafting intricate, high-quality jewellery. Embrace the full spectrum of craftsmanship with Koodak's elite selection, tailored for artisans at every level.



    Embark on a colourful journey into enamelling with our premium enamel powders, tools and supplies. Ignite your creativity and create exquisite pieces. Begin your enamelling adventure with us!

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