Kunzite Red #65 (Lab Grown) Grade AAA - EMERALD


Lab Created Kunzite #65, Emerald: Specifications & Features

Discover the enchanting allure of the Lab Created Kunzite #65, Emerald, a gemstone that combines modern lab-crafted perfection with the timeless beauty of purplish violet. Ideal for designers and jewelers seeking to infuse their creations with a touch of sophistication and vibrant color.


  • Origin: Synthesized in a state-of-the-art lab using the Verneuil / Flame Fusion method, this gemstone is a masterpiece of human ingenuity and natural beauty.
  • Dimensions: Offering a wide range of sizes from 1.50mm to 15.00mm, perfect for various jewelry applications, from delicate settings to bold statement pieces.
  • Grade: Rated AAA, this gemstone meets the highest standards of gem quality, offering unmatched brilliance and clarity.
  • Clarity: Eye Clean clarity ensures that the gemstone is free from any visible inclusions, highlighting its pure beauty and vibrant color.
  • Shape: The elegant Emerald shape enhances the gemstone's luminosity, allowing for maximum light capture and reflection, resulting in a dazzling display of color.
  • Make: Crafted with a Very Good make, each gemstone showcases precise faceting and polish to enhance its visual appeal and performance in jewelry.
  • Symmetry: Very Good symmetry ensures that each gemstone is proportionally balanced, contributing to its overall aesthetic and brilliance.
  • Color: Exhibits a Beautiful vivid Purplish Violet hue, offering a unique and captivating color that's both trendy and timeless.
  • Cut: A Very Good cut rating signifies meticulous faceting that optimizes the gemstone's brilliance and color reflection.
  • Polish: Very Good polish ensures a smooth, reflective surface that enhances the gemstone's clarity and vibrancy.
  • Hardness: With a hardness of 9 on Moh’s Scale, this gemstone combines exceptional beauty with the durability needed for daily wear.

With the Lab Created Kunzite #65, Emerald, bring to life jewelry that captures the imagination and embodies the pinnacle of gemstone craftsmanship. Perfect for elegant designs that demand a pop of color and quality, this gemstone is sure to enchant and inspire.

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