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Ceramic Pigments (Lead Bearing)

Ceramic Pigments (Lead Bearing)


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The ceramic coloring compounds are used like water colors for shading and details. They are applied to the surface of enamel, window or stained glass. The underlying enamel/glass will be stained by firing. Since these are highly pigmented powders, they are used in thin, film-like layers. They are not an enamel in themselves. They should be covered with a transparent enamel or the finish firing.

How to Use for miniatures / painting:

The Ceramic Pigments when used for painting require specific proportions of Pigments to Mixing White or Painting Flux to achieve the best potential color and the ability to gloss when fired. For most Ceramic Pigments the proportion of Pigment to Mixing White or Painting Flux can be as much as 20% pigment to 80% enamel.

For the Cadmium/Selenium pigments OC-70 and OC-71, use only the Painting Flux in the proportions of 5% pigment to 95% enamel.

The gold bearing pigment OC-95 should only be mixed with dry 913E Mixing White in any proportion of pigment to mixing white.

5 gram packet