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Beginners Enamelling Kit


Beginners Enamelling Kit: Unleash Your Creative Potential

Step into the vibrant world of enamelling with our Beginners Enamelling Kit, thoughtfully curated for those embarking on their enamelling journey. This comprehensive kit includes everything you need to explore the art of enamelling, from essential tools to a variety of high-quality enamels, ensuring a smooth, enjoyable learning experience and the creation of stunning, colorful pieces.

Kit Features:

  • Designed for ease of use, perfect for beginners.
  • Includes a wide range of enamelling supplies and tools.
  • Features high-quality, lead-free enamels for safe and vibrant creations.

What’s Included:

  • Stainless Steel Trivets: Essential for holding pieces during the firing process.
  • Enamel Adhesive - Klyr Fire & A3 Enamel Holding Agent: For secure enamel application.
  • Scalex - Oxide Inhibitor for Copper: Prepares copper surfaces for enamelling.
  • Mini Spatula with Spoon End: Versatile tool for mixing and applying enamels.
  • Sable Brush - Fine Point: For precise application of enamels.
  • Opaque Enamel Threads: Adds texture and design to your pieces.
  • Thompson Lead-Free Opaque and Transparent Enamels: 25 grams each of Cobalt Blue (1685), Flame Red (1880), Hard Fusing Clear (2040), Butter Yellow (1237), and Undercoat White (1010).
  • Mesh Sifters: For even application of powdered enamels (40 Mesh, 30mm dia x 20mm H).
  • ENAMEL KIT - Assorted Copper Blanks: Various shapes and sizes for your projects.
  • Spare Mesh Mat for Tripod: Additional support for firing pieces.

Special Offer:

This comprehensive kit is offered at a special introductory price, providing exceptional value for beginners. No further discounts are available, and the kit is sold as listed with no substitutions permitted, ensuring you have everything needed to start your enamelling journey.

Dive into the art of enamelling with our Beginners Enamelling Kit and begin crafting beautiful, colorful pieces that showcase your unique artistic vision. Whether you're creating jewelry, decorative items, or unique art pieces, this kit provides the foundation for endless creative exploration.

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