Beginners Wax Ring Kit


Beginners Wax Ring Kit: Sculpt Your Vision into Reality

Delve into the art of wax ring creation with our Beginners Wax Ring Kit, specially assembled to introduce you to the world of wax modeling and ring making. This kit contains everything a novice needs to start crafting exquisite wax rings, from essential shaping tools to high-quality wax materials. Perfect for hobbyists and aspiring jewelers alike, our kit makes the intricate process of wax modeling accessible and enjoyable.

Kit Contents:

  • Pink Wax Sheets: 2 sheets, exclusively in this kit, for detailed designs.
  • Assorted Wax Wires: 10 assorted wax wires
  • Matt Wax Ring Tube Pieces: 2 pieces, kit only, for forming ring shapes.
  • Scalpel Handle: Plastic, for precise cuts with interchangeable blades.
  • Spirit Lamp (Alcohol Lamp): Essential for softening and shaping wax.
  • Wax Ring Tube Sizer: Easily adjust the size of your wax ring tubes.
  • Wax Bench File: Double Ended, Recycled Steel, L 200mm x W 12mm, for shaping and smoothing wax.
  • Wax Needle Files: Set of 6, for detailed wax work.
  • Dividers: Recycled Steel, 4", for precise measurements and proportions.
  • Wax Carving Tool Set: 6 Double Ended Carvers, for intricate designs and details.
  • Spiral Saw Blades: For Wax, Acrylic & Plastics, Pinguin Gold - #2/0 (0.28 x 0.75 x 130mm), a dozen pack.
  • Scalpel Blades: #12 and #10, for diverse cutting needs.

This Beginners Wax Ring Kit is your all-in-one solution to start creating stunning, personalized wax rings. Each tool and material has been carefully selected to ensure you have a comprehensive set for exploring and mastering wax sculpting techniques. Whether you're aiming to prototype jewelry designs or create finished pieces, this kit provides the foundation for endless creativity.

Embrace the unique joy of wax ring making and begin your journey to becoming a skilled wax sculptor today. With our Beginners Wax Ring Kit, your artistic visions can be transformed into tangible beauty.

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