Delft Style Sand Casting Petrobond Clay - 2kg


Delft-style Petrobond casting clay.

*NOTE: This is a petrobond oil-based casting sand.

This refined form of petrobond sand produces superior one-off castings much finer than ordinary casting sand, providing sharp & detailed castings in non-ferrous metals (gold, silver, copper) as well as low-temp/white metals (e.g. pewter). Any unburnt clay can be reused making it a cost-effective casting option too.Β 

As a cold-moulding process, mould impressions can be made from harder materials such as wood, plastic, & metal objects to then directly cast from. The smoothness of the clay imparts little in the way of coarse surface marks or seams to remove when finishing the cast piece! Delft style casting is not suitable for castings that have detailed undercuts.

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