Acrylic Enamel Paint for Jewellery Design


Introduce vibrant colours and finish to your custom jewellery pieces with our Acrylic Enamel Paint. This paint comprises of a finely ground enamel powder suspended in an artist's grade acrylic medium, granting you the versatility to paint it on as thin layers or apply it liberally with a palette knife or spatula. All colours are mixable, allowing you to craft your perfect shade. Alongside this, this enamel paint coexists beautifully with water-colour enamels and enamel marking crayons, and it provides screen printing potentials. You will appreciate the easy water clean-up post your creative sessions.

Colours included in this set:

  • AC906E Green
  • AC907E Red
  • AC908E Yellow
  • AC909E Orange
  • AC 910E Brown
  • AC914E Blue
  • AC 912E Black
  • AC913E Mixing White
  • AC914E Titanium White

Step up your jewellery making game with our versatile Acrylic Enamel Paint for subtly enhances or eye-grabbing vibrant flourishes.

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