EVEFlex Mounted Abrasives & Polishers (Precious & Non-Precious Metal Alloys): Knife Edge Wheels

SKU 508

Hard, yet flexible polishers  for removing casting skin as well as polishing surfaces to a high shine.

Dark Blue: Extra Coarse (for removal of sprues and large scratches, satin finish)
Grey: Coarse (for removal of small sprues and small/medium scratches)
Brown: Medium (for extra fine scratches, matting & pre polishing step)
Green: Fine (for general polishing)
Light Green: Extra Fine (for super high polish. Best used after the green polisher)

7.000 - 12.000rpm
max. 20.000rpm

Flat Edge Wheel Dimensions:
H 2.5mm x W 14.5mm

Shaft: 2.35mm diam

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