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Grooving / Raising Hammer - Best Quality

Grooving / Raising Hammer - Best Quality


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Used in conjunction with a raising stake to form sheet metal into bowls, vases and other hollow forms.

This hammer is used on the outside surface of the metal, with the sheet positioned on the raising stake at a slight angle.

The cross sections of both faces are rectangular with a slight vertical curve.

> Picard Brand, Made in Germany
> Grey hammer effect enamel
> Made from alloyed special - steel, carefully hardened and tempered
> Head and handle with ring wedge fixture
> Ash handle
> Channels different intensity and differently arched
> Finely Polished

Dimensions: 375 gram - Rectangular head 37mm x 11mm, Rectangular head 40mm x 13mm

Dimensions 250 gram 31 x 10 / 33 x 12