Jett Basic - Thermoplastic for Stone Setting


Jett Basic is a unique, easy-to-use compound formulated from an advanced thermoplastic material. Quick-to-set, non-toxic, biodegradable, it will not stick to, scratch or damage metal parts and can be re-used again and again.  No special tools required and will not chip or break. Can be re-used again and again.



To use:

Jett Basic makes it easy to create a variety of holding fixtures and components, as well as ergonomic handles for pliers and other tools.

1. Heat water to about 70-80°C

2. Put a stainless steel strainer into the hot water.

3. Pour desired amount of Jett Basic into the strainer and allow to heat until it becomes clear.

4. When clear, lift the strainer, remove the Jett Basic and knead into a smooth mass.

5. Quickly shape or press the material onto your tool or device.

6. Fixture your parts using the material to hold the edges.

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