Mr. Color Opaque Enamel Paint for Metal: Orange / Yellow Colourwave (Use Dropdown List to Select Colour)


Mr. Color Japanese Made Solvent Based Enamel paint for Metal.

Colours can be mixed or thinned out for airbrushing.

Directions for Use:

> Apply a coat of Metal Primer
> Using a brush or applicator apply 1 - 2 coats of enamel paint.
> Let dry for at least 2 hours to overnight

Please Note:

All colours are classed as Glossy, Semi-Gloss (Satin Finish) or Flat (Matte). If your preferred colour is not the finish you require, it can be remedied by:

> Mix in 5 ~ 10% of Flat Base to make glossy colors semiglossy, or 10 ~ 20% for a matte finish

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