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Oro Scotchbrite Brushes Set

Oro Scotchbrite Brushes Set


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Try out this kit for cleaning & abrasive, removing, Cotton buff for fine polishing.

Suede leather can hold water & paste better, for stone polishing.

Buffs are common for polishing, from rough to fine

Shank size: 2.35mm (3/32") 

Set Includes 1 each of:

black-grey fiber buff φ22mm

red fiber buff φ22mm

brown fiber buff φ22mm

light red fiber buff φ22mm

3layers cotton buff φ22mm

green fiber buff φ22mm

cotton mop φ22mm

cotton string buff 2layers φ22mm

suede leather wheel φ22mm

snow white buff φ22mm

milky buff φ22mm

yellow buff φ22mm