Overglaze Enamel Painting Colours: Vibrant and Versatile


Introducing our Overglaze Enamel Painting Colours, characterized by strong pigmentation and fine grounds. Apply effortlessly on a fired base coat of enamel, either solo or with a transparent enamel overcoat.


  • An 8-colour selection, inclusive of 913 mixing white, allowing for versatile intermixing.
  • 914E white liner offers bold white lines over dark hues.
  • Mix with 914E (White Liner) to achieve a pastel palette.
  • Brush or pen application enables delicate lines and detailing.
  • Available in convenient 5-gram bags.

Mixing Instructions:

  1. Use a palette knife to transfer a small powder amount to a tile or glass piece.
  2. Smash the powder to eliminate lumps.
  3. Add your chosen mixing/painting medium drop by drop using an eye dropper. Adjust consistency by adding more medium or water.
  4. For a thicker mix, incorporate more powder.

Firing Instructions:

For water-based mediums:

  • Dry before firing using a heat lamp or furnace placement.
  • The enamel will attain a matte appearance when ready to fire.

For oil-based mediums:

  • Dry as much as possible using the above methods.
  • Use the 'smoking' method to eliminate the oil-based medium's organic matter.
  • Repeatedly expose to furnace heat until the piece ceases smoking.
  • For the final firing, set the furnace at 1450 degrees F and fire for 1 to 1 minute 15 seconds or until glossy. Multiple applications and firings are possible.

Empower your craft with these Overglaze Enamel Painting Colours and discover a world of artistic possibilities.

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