Prometheus PRO-1 PRG Kiln with Timer- Max. 1000 Degrees

$1,760.00 $1,650.00


Versatile and Efficient: The PROMETHEUS Pro1-PRG is a multi-functional kiln that caters to both hobbyists and professionals. Its wide range of applications includes enamelling, firing silver and gold clay, ceramics, glass fusion, glass beads, glass moulding, and the annealing and hardening of various metals.

Advanced Control: Equipped with a programmable digital controller, the Pro1-PRG allows for precise temperature management. Users can set up to 15 different programs, each with 5 steps, enabling complex firing schedules for glass fusing and beads annealing.

Energy Efficient: Despite its powerful capabilities, the Pro1-PRG consumes less electricity than a standard hair dryer, making it an economical choice for your crafting needs.

Portable Design: Thanks to its lightweight construction, the Pro1-PRG can be easily transported, allowing you to bring your artistic creations to life wherever you go.

Technical Specifications

  • Voltage: 110/220 V
  • Amperage: 3.2 Amps
  • Power: 700 Watts
  • Temperature Control: Digital, 15 programs with 5 steps each
  • Maximum Temperature: 1000 ΒΊC
  • Outer Dimensions: Width: 22.5 cm x Depth: 22.0 cm x Height: 30.0 cm
  • Inner Dimensions: Width: 11.5 cm x Depth: 13.0 cm x Height: 7.0 cm
  • Weight: 7.25 Kg
  • Warranty: 2 years (excluding improper storage and usage)


Dimensions: 37 cm x 32 cm x 40 cm

Weight: 8.2 kg

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