Proxxon Microflam Gas Soldering Set

SKU 28144

For working with open flame or with catalyst unit in combination with adapters. For high temperature soldering, wax working, electronic soldering, hot-cutting, wood burning and shrinking of sleeves.

Can be used without catalyst and adaptors for an adjustable heat open flame up to 1300*C.

With the catalyst and hot air opening for 640*C (similar to mini heat gun).

With catalyst and tips for 500*C. Tips include pointed electronic soldering tip, angled and flat decorative wood burning tips (pyrography) or on leather, hot knife for cutting wax, plastic foil, a large wax or varnish scraping tool and a curved attached for shrinking heat shrink tubing.

Comes in a plastic carry case.

Includes stand.

Comes with sponge in tray and soldering tin for electronic soldering.

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