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Slurry Coated Polishing Strips (Assorted Set)


Slurry coated polishing strips are strong and durable. Unique Rayon and special propitiatory backing material sets them apart from traditional polishing paper, and results in a consistent uniform finish.

The blend of various types of micron particle minerals is applied to each strip in a slurry coating process. Abrasive is Silicone Carbide.

The micron grading technique produces particles of the same size and shape to achieve a consistent finish every time.

*Mount them within your regular adjustable saw-frame ~ or our new extra MINI saw-frame ~ and the Slurry Coated Strips are perfect at emerying & polishing hard to reach places in jewellery. (Saw-frames SOLD SEPARATELY).

For Wet or Dry Applications

Nine assorted grits in each pack:

  • 360 Grey
  • 400 Orange
  • 600 Brown
  • 800 White
  • 1000 Pink
  • 1200 Green
  • 1500 Lilac
  • 2000 Yellow
  • 4000 Blue

Pack of 18

Size: 1.875" W x 7" L,  (12 strips per sheet)

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