Vulpex Liquid Soap - 100 ml


Vulpex Liquid Soap  is  non - Acid,   non - foaming,  non - corrosive, non - hazardous,  & germicidal. This soap is a safe cleanser for practically everything from paper to stone.It has been used with great success in the safe and controllable cleaning of materials, ranging from feathers, costumery, leather, carpets and furniture to oil paintings, armour, precious metals, shell, marble and stone.


Directions for use:

Vulpex is supplied as a dense concentrate and must be diluted before use. For normal aqueous cleaning, one part Vulpex to six or seven parts cold tap water (by volume) is sufficient. More water can be added if the soiling is light. As a spirit soap, one part Vulpex in ten to twenty parts solvent (Mineral Spirits) will be found to be effective.

Made in England

*Please Note: This item is unable to be shipped internationally


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